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MBA Programs (Master of Business Administration)

MBA Programs (Master of Business Administration)

  • MBA + Master of Strategic Management
  • MBA “Management”
  • MBA ôManagementö (in English)
  • Mini-MBA ôManagement Fundamentalsö
  • Double Degree Mini-MBA ôManagement Fundamentalsö Program with the American University of Leadership (distance learning)

Program Costs

Please note that while tuition must be paid in Russian Rubles, we have endeavored to provide estimates of tuition rates in US dollars, so that international students can better understand what they need to budget for their studies while enrolled at MFUA.

Tuition for Students joining MFUA in 2015 - 2016 Academic Year (rates per semester)

MFUA Business School (Moscow):

Program Program Duration Tuition Costs / Program ($)
Full-time Distance Learning
ÌÂÀ + Master of Strategic Management 20 months $7,000 US $3,250 US
ÌÂÀ «Management» 20 months $5,400 US $2,500 US
Double-degree ÌÂÀ źInternational Management╗ in partnership with SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland (in English) 20 months $12,500 US -
Mini-ÌÂÀ źManagement Fundamentals╗ 5 months $1,500 US $1,150 US
Tuition is payable in Russian rubles. Tuition prices shown in USD are approximations, and are based on the rate of exchange of the Russian Central Bank as of March 14, 2016.

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